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IMG_4253Faucet replacement may seem like something that is simple. What many realize is that there are a lot of moving parts to a faucet and that it has to be placed just right to ensure that there is no leakage around it and no dripping that could end up costing you through your water bill. You would be amazed at how much a faucet leak costs the average household each year in the way of water consumption. You would also be surprised at how much damage a faucet that is leaking around seals can cause.

If you notice your old faucet is not working right or it is simply old and worn, our Minneapolis and St. Paul plumbers can help you choose a faucet that works for your budget and style. While a new faucet does entail a small investment, the money that is saved through the elimination of drips and leaks will accumulate over time.

Quality Faucet Installation

When you call Midwest Plumbing and Services to replace your faucet, you can count on a commitment to ensuring the job is done right. While faucet replacement may seem like a small plumbing job, you can expect us to treat it with the same respect as our largest plumbing projects.

We ensure that the only issue is with the faucet. Sometimes homeowners and business owners are surprised to find that the issue may go somewhat deeper, so we offer solutions in addition to replacing the faulty faucet. Sometimes faucet repair is enough, but there are other times where replacing the faucet simply makes sense. If a repair is all that is needed, we will let you know this so you can decide whether or not you want to move forward with the replacement. When you decide to move on with replacement, we can help you choose a quality faucet. That’s if you do not already have one in mind or in your possession.

Service That You Can Rely On

Once the installation is complete, our Minneapolis & St. Paul plumber will review the work to ensure everything is in good working order. This involves checking for leaks around the faucet, making sure the faucet does not drip, and evaluating all of the components to make sure they are working correctly. This quality check ensures that the faucet is going to work well for the long-term so that you get the most out of your investment.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Plumber

Faucet replacement may not seem like a difficult task, but there are a lot of moving parts within a faucet and the installation has to be perfect to avoid any drips and leaks. At Midwest Plumbing and Service, we install your faucet right so you don’t have to worry about incorrect installation or drips and leaks that could show up on your water bill in the way of cost. To learn more about faucet replacement and other services that we can provide you, call us at 612-807-8968 for a free estimate.

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